Beautiful Embroidered Towels for this year's specialty  made by Sue Meacham from Sue's Snoods.

Photo Credit - Sue Meacham

Entries have closed for the June 30th specialty - and it is an impressive entry!

The building opens at 10 am per the Kettle Moraine Kennel Club premium list.


The room assigned to the FRFSC by Kettle Moraine Kennel Club will not be available

as early as thought. Therefore, we have changed the time for the light meal

and FRFSC meeting.

We will meet in the Judge's Hospitality Room in the Ziegler Building

(the other show building from the one we show in). Food will be available at 6 pm.

The meeting will follow by 6:30 pm.

We do not expect a late evening, but are looking forward to a nice get together, followed by a short meeting. With later morning show times on Saturday, we hope you will all join us.

If you are not an FRFSC member, you are MORE than welcome to come and be our guest.

At this meeting we will take nominations from the floor.  Should you choose to seek an Officer

or Board Of Directors position and can't make it to the meeting please email Terry

at  We will announce the slate as was announced on the

FRFSC Group Yahoo list in January. 

President:          Lisa Schaitberger
Vice President:  Danielle Brewer
Secretary:         Terry Middleton
Treasurer:         Joseph Pichette
Board of Directors: 

Kylie Seivert, Lisa Winters, Shawne Gamroth