The Fox River Field Spaniel Club (FRFSC)provides a Breeder Directory for the convenience of potential Field Spaniel buyers and Field Spaniel Breeders. However, the FRFSC takes no responsibility for the promises or guarantees that a buyer and seller may agree upon at the time of a sale of a Field Spaniel. The Breeder Directory is comprised of FRFSC member breeders in good standing who have provided the required information to be listed. The inclusion of a breeder does not constitute endorsement or recommendation by the FRFSC. It is the responsibility of potential buyers to ask questions and decide for themselves if they wish to do business with any particular breeder. Purchasing a Field Spaniel is a lifetime commitment that will bring your home a lifetime of memories. 


Most problems arise due to misunderstandings with the wording of a contract or the lack of one. A contract must be understood by the buyer. READ EVERY WORD BEFORE YOU SIGN IT, and ask questions if you are not sure of a clause.  As a potential buyer it is important that you make yourself clear to the Field Spaniel breeder as to what type of puppy you are looking for, in the first contact you have with your prospective breeder, be it Pet, Show Prospect or Performance Prospect. The AKC numbers for both parents and the AKC Litter number for your puppy must be received by you,  in a

Contract, when you pick up your puppy.

AKC Registration

NOTE: It is against AKC Rules to charge an additional price for registration papers.

There are two types of AKC Registration:

AKC Limited Registration: This means that the puppy may not be shown in conformation, or used for breeding, and is usually on a spay/neuter contract.  Any puppies your dog may produce are not registerable with the AKC.  Limited Registration dogs may be shown in Obedience, Rally or Agility.

AKC Full Registration: This means the puppy is eligible to be shown in any type of competition that the AKC offers for the breed, and any puppies it produces may be registered.

CERF - Canine Eye Registry Foundation

All breeding stock should have a Registered Current CERF number. This number can be verified on the CERF website,  The reason for the CERF exam is to determine if the dog may have cataracts (or other abnormalities) at the time of the exam. It cannot predict whether the dog may develop problems at a later time. A buyer should receive copies of current CERF certificates for both parents before any money is paid. 

Heritable Health Concerns

Heart Problems
Hip Problems-Dysplasia 

Patella Luxation


To view the results from a survey conducted by our parent club click here.

OFA-CHIC Numbers

To earn a CHIC number the Field Spaniel must have the tests, but they do not need to pass them.  The test include: CERF – Eyes, OFA – Hips and Thyroid Blood Test and all of these will be recorded on the OFA website,  By asking for the registered name of both parents of your prospective puppy, before you buy or pay a deposit, checking health information is easy.  On the OFA website,, in the search a dog section, on the left of the page, enter the parents of your prospective puppy to verify what clearances the parents both have been tested for. To check OFA-CHIC to see what Field Spaniels have been health tested click here, and this allows you to verify the information yourself.

Questions to ask the Field Spaniel breeder:

1.      How long have you been involved with Field Spaniels?

2.      When was the first litter that you bred under your kennel name?

3.      What is the registered name and pedigree of your foundation Field Spaniels?

4.      How many litters have you had under your kennel name?

5.      How many litters did you have over the past two years?

6.      What health tests do you perform on your breeding dogs? Ask for CERF and OFA/CHIC numbers or ask for the sire and dam’s AKC number so you can look up the health testing information yourself at

7.      At what age do you breed your Field Spaniels?

8.      Are your puppies checked by a veterinarian prior to going to a new home?

9.      Will you do the initial worming and vaccinations of the puppies? How many and what?

10.   What are your requirements regarding spaying and neutering of a pet Field Spaniel?

11.   What choices do I have regarding sex and color?

12.   Do you have both parents on site?

a.      If they only have the dam, do you have information and pictures of the sire?

b.      Or would it be possible to meet the sire even if it’s not at the same time as meeting the dam?

c.      Note: if neither parent is on site, run fast, and do not ask any more questions!

13.   At what age could I bring my Field Spaniel puppy home?

14.   What type of AKC registration will my puppy have? 
      a.   Show Field Spaniels are generally sold on a AKC Full Registration
      b.   Companion Pet Field Spaniel is generally sold on a AKC Limited Registration

15.   Do you require a deposit?

a.      If so, is it non-refundable or refundable? 

b.      Does it guarantee I will get a Field Spaniel puppy?

16.   Do you sell the puppy on a Limited or AKC Full Registration?

17.   Are the parents and puppies AKC registered? If not, why?

18.   Will you provide me with a copy of the puppy’s pedigree?

19.   Do you show your dogs in conformation, hunting, obedience, agility, tracking or rally?

20.   What titles or certificates do your dogs have?

a.      Example: AKC Championship, obedience, agility, canine good citizen (CGC), Therapy dog

21.   Do you require a health guarantee?

a.      For how long and what does it include?

22.   Do you require co-ownership?

a.      If so, why and for how long?  

23.   Do you have a waiting list if you don’t have a Field Spaniel puppy available now?

24.   Are you a member of any Field Spaniel club, All Breed Kennel Clubs, or performance clubs?

a.      If so, what and how long?

25.   Will you provide me with a copy of your contract before I come to get my Field Spaniel puppy?

26.   Have any of your dogs or their offspring had any health problems?

27.   What health tests will be completed before picking up my Field Spaniel puppy?

a.      Example: Eyes, Heart, Patella

28.   Does my Field Spaniel puppy come with a health guarantee from a Veterinarian?

29.   Do you require we take our new Field Spaniel puppy to our Veterinarian after we pick up our puppy?

a.      If so, what is the time-frame?

b.      Example, one to three days of picking up puppy?  What if that date is over a weekend or holiday will the breeder extend?

30.   If there are problems with a puppy or adult can they be returned?

a.      If so, what policy is in place? Most breeders have a clause in their contract for puppies returned that some of the money is not fully returned. Again, it is up to you to read the contract. Most importantly it is critical that you understand a puppy is a lot of work especially when they are a replacement for an elderly dog.

31.   Where do you keep the puppies from birth until they go to their new homes?

32.   Will you provide me with a feeding schedule when I pick up my Field Spaniel?  Will you give me an initial supply of a few days of food?

If you want to find out more information you can ask our Breeder Referral

Before paying any money you should receive

1. Copies of the current CERF Certificate for BOTH parents. (copies of the exam may be altered), copies of OFA -Hips and Patella’s, Elbows, Thyroid, and Cardiac.
2. A blank copy of the contract (if the breeder uses one) so that you will be aware of what is expected of you as a buyer and of the breeder.

When picking up your puppy, you should receive

1. The puppy's pedigree
2. AKC Individual Registration Application (the puppy buyer personally registers their puppy)
3. Copy of the puppy's Immunization Record
4. A copy of your contract signed by your breeder and yourself after reading it
5. A copy of all health testing done on BOTH parents plus any done on the puppy
6. Food Schedule

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Fox River Field Spaniel Club