2020 HAPPENINGS


NEW!!   FastCAT Event weekend!- October 16, 17 - 18, 2020

                                WE HOPE YOU CAN ​JOIN US!!

K9 Splash Zone, 9386 National Rd. Brookville, OH 

Come and be part of the FUN!!

​“Fast CAT, a timed 100-yard dash where a dog chases a lure, is one of the newest AKC events. The event is a fun activity for dogs and their owners, and is open to dogs that are at least 12 months of age and are individually registered or listed with the AKC. In competition, the dogs run one at a time over a straight 100-yard course. Their times are then converted into miles per hour and used as part of a handicap system to assign points earned, which will be used to determine titles and standings. The national rankings by breed will show how your dog compares.” In summary, Fast CATs is a fun new activity that both dogs and owners enjoy.

November - MEMBERSHIP - Notices being mailed out

December - MEMBERSHIP DUES due by JAN 1st 2021.



2021 - SPECIALTY July 2nd

West Bend, WI

​Supported Entries July 3rd, July 4th



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