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​​​​​​​​           2023 EVENTS*​ 

 February 2-5, 2023 - Indy Classic -   Supported Entry 

 March 18-19 2023- Louisville KY -   Supported 

April 29 & 30 - FCAT Davison MI


*May - Bloomington IN - Designated   Specialty

June 30 - Independent Specialty Shows

​Followed by Jul 1 & 2, KMKC All-Breed Shows with Sweeps -  West Bend

July 29 & 30 - Waukesha Supported

*September - FCAT weekend - Labor Day Lebanon IN

*October 14-15 - Hunt Test 

​*Dousman, WI

* Pending AKC Approval

Good Dog is thrilled to announce that the Fox River Field Spaniel Club (FRFSC) is the official recipient of a Good Dog Grant! 

This grant helped FRFSC offset costs for a thyroid clinic for members at a reduced price.  The clinic was held in conjunction with our June Specialties in 2022.  

From Good Dog:

At Good Dog, we are so inspired by the FRFSC and the incredible work they do to ensure the health of future generations of Field Spaniels. The FRFSC is extremely dedicated to advancing the health and promotion of this rare breed. 

Good Dog established the Club Grant Program to support Clubs, like the FRFSC, in their crucial efforts to build a better world for our dogs. 

As an official Good Dog Grant Recipient, the FRFSC will receive a Good Dog Grant, Club recognition on the Good Dog website, and priority status offered to FRFSC members who apply to Good Dog!
The FRFSC will use their Good Dog Grant to create a voucher program for underwriting the cost of thyroid blood testing for OFA submission, making these tests more accessible to their members and assisting the Club with important data collection. 

Join us to help change the conversation – give dog breeders the recognition they deserve and build a better world for our dogs and the people who love them.
Click here to join Good Dog today!

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